Where tradition & modern design coexist in harmony.

Dupont Guitars

I strive to build the most beautiful and responsive guitars I can to inspire players. Beautiful music makes the world a better place. This is how I can help.


My passion for the guitar, it’s music, it’s history and especially it’s sound and voice continually push me to better my craft.


My small bodied steel string guitars are built with a classical plantilla (it’s more sexy). Tone and sound quality are my bottom line. All my decisions stem from that. French Polished body with an oil/beeswax mixture for the neck make my guitars easily repairable and serviceable. For that same reason (and many more)  I’m also using more and more traditional hot hide glue with every guitar.

- Chris Dupont
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A note in history: How a Manitoba-made guitar tells the story of Festival du Voyageur

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